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Why You Don’t Have Hot Water

There are multiple hot water systems that cause different hot water issues. Gas hot water heaters can stop heating because there is problem caused by a leak in the gas line leading to the appliance. If there is a leak in your gas hot water system, it starts to smell like a rotten egg. This is a huge gas hazard because you have leaking gas within your property and only professional plumbers should be the one to take care of it. Another reason there is not enough heated water is the heating element on your water heater is busted. Sometimes unintentionally the gas supply can be turned off or interrupted. You can fix this by turning the gas control knob to pilot. Try removing the cover where your burner and pilot light is located. Check to see if the flame inside is lit. If the flame is out and you’ve taken the cover of it may simply mean that your pilot light has gone out. You will have to relight it or get someone like a professional. Many of the newer however heated water systems don’t use pilot lights. They use a spark ignitor or a glow plug. You can relight the pilot yourself the instructions are on the tank but recommended speak to a plumber for guidance.

Also, the reason the heated water isn’t working is the burner itself. Determine if the burner is having trouble as simple as it sounds. Turn the burner off to begin the troubleshooting. Set the thermostat to 120 degrees. Open a hot water faucet and allow it to run. Wait and watch to see if the burner ignites. If the burner ignites it works if not continue to draw hot water and adjust the thermostat higher.


Hot Water

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